Last night, when Buzz and David Allen were here, Buzz show us some of his work at the Microsoft Search Champs project. Buzz searched Google on various terms. For fun, I searched on "Tecra M4" and found my blog,, was the #1 returned  search result.  (Searching for "Toshiba Tecra M4" is only slightly different.)

Not that he has more than a passing professional interest, apparently James Kendrick noticed, too.

Surprisingly, no one at Toshiba or any of the other vendors, whose products I've mentioned, have contacted me to see if they might help me resolve the few remaining issues that I have blogged about. If they did, it might help me reach the tipping point to finally become YABHTU.

If I were a vendor, and if I checked the search engines daily for my product, and if I saw that the most popular search result was from a guy who mostly loved my product, but who was having troubles, I'd get on the phone immediately to find out if I could help him resolve his issues.[hint]

Imagine what kind of customer evangelists, not to mention good PR, this small investment of time would return.

Meanwhile, I'm fortunate to have made many new friends via my blog - friends who have posted or sent email to help me resolve some of the issues that I'm experiencing. I'm testing some of the suggestions and I'll post my experiences as I go.

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Google Juice and the YABHTU Tipping Point

I'm suprised that you haven't heard from Robert Scoble yet. He's put at least one blogger who posted about problems in contact with the Tablet people at Microsoft recently. I know he checks out your blog since he posted about your getting the M4 and podcasting about it on 20 May.

Posted at 06/05/2005 6:13:38 by Scott Gentzen

Google Juice and the YABHTU Tipping Point

I wish I could say I was surprised that you hadn't heard anything from Toshiba. But, as much as I have tried direct contact on all levels it seems their is a lack of interest in taking a direct approach to solving issues. Wish that were not the case, but maybe one day they'll get the message.

Posted at 06/06/2005 15:42:38 by Warner Crocker

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