David Allen Company Coach and GTD Blogger Kelly Forrister posted a podcast today: Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes on the GTD Times blog.

This podcast kicks off her GTD Toolbox Tour which will highlight and review various tools to support the implementation of David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology.

"In our recent podcast  on The Perfect GTD List Manager, we shared that one of the most common questions we get is, “Which tool should I use for my GTD lists?”  Specifically, you want to know which tools David Allen uses!  While the GTD approach is tool-agnostic, we have our personal favorites, as we know many of you do as well.  eProductivity for IBM Lotus Notes is one of those, and is the tool David (and most of the staff at DavidCo) use to help manage our workflow."
In this podcast, Kelly and I talk about some of the design philosophy and underlying features and principles that make eProductivity the GTD tool that David Allen uses and recommends.

Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes

Listen carefully: there’s a free trial and on the podcast and an offer of $100 off to the first 50 people that respond by June 15.

Via GTD Times

Update: In addition to the $100 off special discount, I've decided to set up a free drawing for eProductivity, ActiveWords, and GyroQ - the three tools that I use to improve my productivity with Lotus Notes. See here for details.

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