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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
Productivity - no matter how maximized - is useless without the means to really enjoy the time you save

Every day in my work, I get to help people bring about change in their lives and experience more freedom by showing them how to use technology to increase their productivity. But what's interesting is that increasing productivity is only as good as how you invest the time you save or the efficiencies you gain.

Many of you, who read my blog, live in the United States or another country with similar liberties and prosperity. But what if you didn't? What if you lived in a place where you weren't able to do many of the things that you cherish so much? Gaining an upper-hand with productivity would be a lot less attractive.

How much more successful we are when we're simply AWARE of how successful we already are.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to preview a web site that gave me pause to reflect on a most basic element of life that I (and maybe you too) often take for granted.

That element is "freedom." Not just in the literal sense, but in terms of all it entails: Freedom to choose what you want, do what you want, be what you want, and the "ability" to achieve the wealth and circumstances required to make that freedom take form in your life.

The site is about two people's life-long quest to come to America from Moldova (former Soviet Union).

A friend of mine, Greg Fisk, is working to help Chirill and Ludmilla Trescencov realize their dream of coming to America. Chirill and his wife have won a green card  lottery, which will allow them to legally come to this country. Now, they are working to raise the funds to pay the agency fees for the paperwork that will bring them here. (Greg shares their moving story on the site.)

You can follow the details of this adventure at Coming to America, where Chrill and his wife will be blogging about the experience. Imagine what it would be like of the folks coming through Ellis Island, each blogged about their experience in real-time. Well, this comes close.

I hope that you will visit the web site, and consider participating in their dream, or at the very least, send them an email of encouragement.

Gotta jet... my shoe-phone is ringing...

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