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Thursday, July 17th, 2003
Kathy and I have just returned from our annual trip to a home educator's conference.

We left renewed in our commitment to home educate our children and wondering how we are going to work in the new subjects that we desire to add to an already busy curriculum.  This year, what really has my interest, is the classical form of education and logic.  

On the classical side, the presentations on the Trivium, were quite compelling.  Kathy and I were as interested for the benefit of our children as we were for ourselves.

On the Logic side, I attended a session by Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn on how to recognize bad reasoning.  Their book, "The Fallacy Detective" is designed to help families study logic together.

It was truly inspiring to spend the weekend at a conference with over 5000 parents, all of whom had only one focus -- improving their child's (and their own) education.

I walked away with a lifetime of recommended reading lists.

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Yet another homeschooling resource

Although I'm responding to an 18 month old post, if you're not familiar with David Quine's worldview materials, it sounds from your blog like you would find them a useful resource: { Link }



Posted at 03/24/2005 21:45:52 by Kurt Andersen

re: Yet another homeschooling resource

Thanks, Kurt.

Agreed. An excellent resource.

I've been to several of David Quine's presentations at the CHEA conferences.

Best regards


Posted at 03/24/2005 23:03:03 by Eric Mack

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