eProductivity in Manila - Day One

Friday, October 5th, 2007
Today, I met my host and the conference organizing committee for my upcoming eProductivity conference in Manila, Philippines.
Some of the eProductivity conference organizating committeeeProductivity Conference Planning Meeting #1

The people of Manila are gracious hosts and hospitality ranks high on their list of traits. From the moment I stepped off the plane, when a government official met me to escort me through customs, to meeting my hosts, to seeing the office and staff that have been assembled to help organize the conference, I have been treated with great kindness and respect. Everyone is so friendly. This is going to be a fun conference to plan and deliver.

Apparently, in the city of Manila, 75% of the population is age 25 or less. There is energy everywhere, and people are anxious to work, to learn, to grow. It's exciting to plan for this event. I plan to share not only good information about the technologies and methodologies of productivity, but I also plan to share some key lessons learned about starting my business  (I celebrate 25 years this month) and the ups and downs along the way. The motivation behind this conference is to reach out and help people learn valuable skills that will help them in work and in life. I'm taking pages of notes and I hope to share the full story, soon.

I'm told that we can expect that the audience will be composed of 65% working professionals, 25% owners/entrepreneurs/Sr. managers, and 10% new graduates or students. That's an exciting mix and a neat opportunity to really help people at all levels of experience in business.

I asked the conference organizing committee what their vision of wild success would include. Some of the feedback I heard included prosperity in business as a result of improved methodologies, opportunity to become an entrepreneur, promotions at work, increased involvement in family, community and church, more people hearing the Gospel, equipped to get a better job, and achieve dreams.  Wow, that's a tall list - and that's only from the first planning meeting. Nonetheless, it's an inspiring list - it's the reason why we are working to put this conference together. I'm excited to be a part of this.

I'm about to take a tour of the conference venue, The Cathedral of Praise in downtown Manila, to see what the audio and video capabilities are. Then, it's back to planning meetings.

Our next agenda item is to come up with a title for the conference... stay tuned!

Here, thanks to Tanny's lightbox implementation, are a few more photos from the day...
eProductivity Conference Planning & Promotion OfficeThe view from my room in Manila, Philippines. #1
The view from my room in Manila, Philippines. #2The view from my room in Manila, Philippines. #3

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eProductivity in Manila - Day One

Hi Mr. Eric,

It's great to know that you're in Manila. I was at the 10 AM service and was able to see you in the platform.

Enjoy the fun loving welcome and hospitality of the Filipinos. We are very excited to learn from the conference.

God bless and see you around.

Marlo Aguinaldo

Posted at 10/7/2007 7:43:58 PM by Marlo Aguinaldo

eProductivity in Manila - Day One

Welcome Sir Eric,

What a privilege from God seeing, Mr. Eric Mack in Cathedral of Praise and not just on net.

We are all excited to this coming E-Productivity Conference. Philippines will be more blessed.

To God be the Glory,

Jean Rose H. Savarez

Posted at 10/7/2007 9:49:53 PM by Jean Rose H. Savarez

eProductivity in Manila - Day One

hi,welcome you sir more power to you and your family,.


Posted at 10/7/2007 11:46:39 PM by lolever p. silva

re: eProductivity in Manila - Day One

I'm flying home as I type this. My preliminary planning visit to Manila was wonderful and I met so many nice people. I enjoyed the Filipino hospitality and I look forward to returning to present the conference. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

Grace to you!


Posted at 10/8/2007 4:14:38 PM by Eric Mack

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