eProductivity Conference Session Titles

Monday, October 8th, 2007
It's been a very successful trip; I'm departing tired, but satisfied. Before leaving I finalized the session titles with Michael. I think Michael's done an outstanding job of capturing the theme of the conference and session topics and creating titles that work. I'm privileged to have Michael as a friend and trusted advisor. Now, what remains, is to come up with an outline and presentation for each of these sessions. Fortunately, I won't have to do all of it alone. I'm blessed to have a number of outstanding experts in their own right contributing to my research and presentation. I'll tell you more about these people and the sessions they will be contributing to in an upcoming post. Meanwhile feel free to have a look at the session titles. (If you would like to contribute to the conference, let me know; full credit and resource opportunities will be given for all contributors.)


   Beyond Planning: ePRODUCTIVITY

nformation, Communication, and Action tools to get things done.

General Track

Session 1:

eProductivity: Using Information, Communication, and Action tools to get things done

Beyond Toil: A Biblical Perspective on Work
Beyond Working Hard: The eProductivity Equation

Session 2:

Beyond Overwhelm: Methodologies for Productivity, Part I

Session 3:

Beyond Overwhelm: Methodologies for Productivity, Part II

Beyond Flat Lists: Thinking and Planning Visually
Beyond Chaos: Creating Knowledge in an Age of Information Overwhelm

Session 4:

Beyond 9-5: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Beyond Average: Cultivating Habits of Excellence at Work
Beyond the Long Way: Shortcuts to Productivity (for general audience)

Beyond Drift: Crafting a Mission Statement for Your Life and Family

Advanced Electives

Beyond the Cubicle: Technology for Mobile Workers

Beyond Personal Productivity: Technology for Groups and Teams
Beyond Theory: What Eric Mack Uses To Be Productive

Beyond Today: Key Technologies on the Horizon for Productivity [and Connection]

Beyond the Long Way: Shortcuts to Productivity  (For for tech geeks)

General Electives

Beyond Interruptions: Being Productive in an Always On World
Beyond Merely Coping: Having Enough Energy for Work, Home and Play

Beyond Me: Working Effectively in a Team/Group
Beyond Surfing: Using the Web for Business
Beyond Duh!: Being Safe on the Internet

Executive Track

Beyond Individuals: Creating Effective Teams and Groups at Work

Beyond Email: Re-wiring the Organization for Collaboration
Beyond Technology: Achieving a Business Return from Technology Investments

Beyond Information: Cultivating an Environment for Sharing Knowledge Across the Organization

Beyond the Long Way: Shortcuts to Productivity
(for executives)

Student Track

Beyond Overwhelm: Methodologies for Productivity
Beyond Flat Lists: Thinking and Planning Visually
Beyond the Long Way: Shortcuts to Productivity
(for students)

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eProductivity Conference Session Titles

Wow! Those are some great topics making me want to go to the Philippines.

I don't know if you already planned to do so, but there might be a lot of interest for this material elsewhere. Maybe you can put it in a webcast or a book...

Posted at 10/14/2007 22:44:46 by Jeroen Sangers

re: eProductivity Conference Session Titles

Jeroen, the conference will be recorded. No idea yet, for what I will do with the video recordings, yet, outside of sharing them with my clients. Meanwhile, I hope to blog about many of the topic/sessions as I prepare so you'll get a flavor for what's coming and even share your thoughts, if you care to.

Posted at 10/14/2007 23:40:51 by Eric Mack

eProductivity Conference Session Titles

They look great. I see productive people has develop a similar system of organizing themselves but this is a step or two advance.

Hoping you would boost up Filipinos to go on to make a breakthrough, and not start well and finish nothing. Care take we can get tired, bored, caught up in the system but not doing something or doing it on the wrong direction.

Posted at 10/15/2007 21:50:44 by Don

eProductivity Conference Session Titles

Darn, that looks _awesome!_ Of all the times to be away from the country...

Posted at 11/20/2007 10:32:10 by Sacha Chua

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