Managing knowledge-based initiatives

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
Stacy Land, director of Performance Enhancement, Senior Medical Management, talking about how to get executive buy-in for your KM project.

Enlisting Executive Support for KM
No cookbook exists

More than an idea, please.
To find a sponsor, you need to have a project that is a) actionable, and b) relative to the executive's pain point.

Starters are good

Branching , not linear
Who you know is important to success

Know your company

Shop in a new neighborhood.
Don't limit yourself by only looking in places that you know.

1. Know your work

2. Know what's going on with the company

3. Develop a value proposition
        Don't make them guess how your solution will work
        Keep it relevant (to that individual executive)
        Try ideas on for size
Find your Alignment
(Great diagram for identifying a match in alignment between your work + corporate Goals and pain points)
        Your Value Prop & Alignment
        Can you put numbers around your work?
        Can you envision your work's future

3. Find the wight executive
        Forming your approach strategy
        Use a channel approach to get your message out
        - Find connections to the executive
        - Look for contacts across executive activities
        - Locate other forums
        - Match each channel with a message
        (Excellent slide on how to get idea in front of your superiors)

Be prepared for the opening dialog

Know your targets resources & influence

Clarify Everything
        Clarifying the relationship up front is key
        What does your boss consider to be a success?
        Who should I pursue as early strategic partners?
        What can I do to ensure continued funding
        How will expansion happen?

6.Become a Salesperson/Publicist
        Your comm skills matter

Master the details

Enlist support everywhere

Stacy land has written a book on this topic, Managing Knowledge Based Services
Note to self: Self, ask Stacey for her slides.


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