Opening Keynote and welcome

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
I'm sitting in a room of rocket scientists and KM experts from around the world. How cool is that? Some of these people are dealing with really big issues: how to track, capture, share, and reuse knowledge gained from the International Space Station. It really is rocket science!

Jeanne Holme shared the genesis for this workshop, how different KM groups and practitioners came together to create this event.

Knowledge Management, while often driven by technology, is as much if not more about people and culture. This workshop will provide a forum for peer-to-peer exchange of KM experience and best practices for knowledge capture and reuse for space missions.

The light bulb is going in for me about how big the scope of the KM issues in aerospace face are. They are huge. These organizations are dealing with projects (e.g. put man on Mars) that extend for decades and in which many of the initiators of a project may not be involved (or around) through the entire project or its conclusion.

Jeanne asked us about our desired outcomes: (Audience responses: Typing fast/A few shown below)
Looking for real success stories of knowledge reuse.
Why is KM elusive? How do organizations encourage and not inhibit knowledge capture and reuse.
A lot of NASA folks presents, some aerospace companies, and collaboration consultants, like me.

Story telling as a Knowledge Management Tool
How to build a business case for launching a KM initiative?
Collaboration in a Virtual World - this is actually a track that has a lot of my attention.

Some KM Networks to be aware of:
So. California KM Community of Practice (Meets local, also on Google Groups)
NASA KM Management team.
Federal KM Working Group
KLA - Knowledge Liberation Army
See slides for more...

Just prior to the break, Jeanne had us do a fun exercise called the "Human Thermometer." She asked us to leave our seats and move into the isles. Then, she asked us a series of questions about our thoughts on KM and in response, we were to move up or down in the isle (The auditorium has a sloped floor) according to the level of importance we attached to the topic. The ultimate living graphing tool. (
I recorded the questions and will try to blog them later, time permitting.

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