Cool Gear: GTD® System folders & Zip Pouch

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
The day before I left for Manila, I received a care package from Liz Harward, product manager at The David Allen Company. Inside, was a bunch of goodies for me to evaluate. I'm particularly excited about the new GTD® System file folders and the GTD® Zip Pouch. With these, I have an even easier way to carry my mobile filing system with me.

Eric's new and cool GTD® System file folders and Zip PouchI've traveled with a home-made set of travel folders for years but I've never found the ideal carrier for the folders - something that would keep the papers from falling out and the folders from getting damaged. The GTD® Zip Pouch keeps everything together and has a little extra room - just enough for a pen or two, a highlighter, and a pad of post-its. The bright orange color is a bit, well, bright for my taste but it's growing on me. I know it will be impossible to misplace! (That's a good thing)

I really like that they went with a fabric mesh for the pouch because I carry two pouches and the mesh allows me to see what's inside without opening up the pouch. I hope that they will expand the product line with other colors of pouches.

The folders are flexible and sturdy and the lettering looks nice. My only complaint is that my beautiful custom labels look cheap in comparison. Here again, is an opportunity for improvement: I wonder if they will someday let you order a custom kit of folders by choosing from a list of 30 or 40 preprinted folders? Knowing Liz, I'm sure it's an idea that has been discussed. Also included with the folder kit are some blank folders, which you can label as needed, and a reference card from David Allen with some tips for setting up your system

Anyway, I'm enjoying the folders and the pouches and I find them to be a classy addition to my GTD toolkit. To the GTD product design team, well done!

Highly recommended.

Note: My photo really doesn't do the product justice, but I wanted to show you how I use the folders. Use the links below for better photos.

Resource: The David Allen GTD Store
GTD® System file folders
GTD® Zip Pouch

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Cool Gear: GTD® System folders & Zip Pouch

I know exactly what you mean with Highly recommeded! I ordered mine right after attending the GTD Roadmap early October in London. It is great stuff and I only experienced one point for improvement myself that I already emailed to Davidco: they seem to be designed with American paper formats in mind. So within regions in the world where A4 size paper is the standard they barely hold the paper. Making them just a half inch taller would do miracles. Apart from that they are perfect and highly recomendable!

Posted at 11/22/2007 6:35:04 by Peter

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