I'm looking forward to taking a few items off my projects list and moving several Someday/Maybe items to my active projects list. For those of you that find my blogging challenges entertaining (or amusing), stay tuned, I have a few new ones coming.

On the completion front, I've recently completed my last final exam in managerial accounting & finance. While the A that I earned in this course only raised my GPA, by  .001, I know that the information I learned will be invaluable. I wish I had taken this course many years ago. That knowledge would have saved me more than my tuition.

I'm presently working on my capstone management project, which I will present this summer. Once I mark that project off as completed, I plan to move several projects from my Someday/Maybe list over to active status.

These include:
  • The next release of the ICA eProductivity Template for Lotus Notes
  • My own 10-week start-up school adventure
  • A Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) project
  • A few other interesting projects, some using MindManager and ResultsManager.
I know that manhy of my blog posts have been rather superficial lately. My comment responses have been sparse, too. My blog draft to post  ratio is about 5:1. I had some great posts planned, but then "Stuff showed up" to consume my available free time. Sometimes, it was all I could do to make a simple blog post at all. My schedule's been very full. Now, with a more relaxed horizon, I plan to blog through the above projects so that I can share what I'm learning along the way and more actively engage in discussion.

For now, I plan to spend some time with my family, map out my client commitments and put together a master plan for the next 10 weeks. Oh, and I'll wrap up some draft blog entries and post them.

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Completion on the horizon. New challenges ahead

Super congrats on graduating on Friday Eric ... and I very much look forward to your next adventures.

Posted at 05/15/2006 11:49:34 by Michael Sampson

Completion on the horizon. New challenges ahead


I'm most interested in hearing about what this means:

"A Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) project"

Posted at 05/15/2006 13:34:37 by Nitin Badjatia

Completion on the horizon. New challenges ahead

Congratulations, Eric.

"I know that the information I learned will be invaluable. I wish I had taken this course many years ago. That knowledge would have saved me more than my tuition. "

This confirms, if it was necessary, the value of lifelong learning. I should perhaps take a course to learn to manage my personal finance! ;-)

Posted at 05/15/2006 15:07:00 by Pascal Venier

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

Despite my excellent information management tools, I still find it hard to manage the information that I acquire in such a way that it can contribute to my collective knowledge of this information.

I plan to make it a project to revisit all of my systems to see how I can restructure them to support information management and knowledge development.

There are several productivity bloggers that I hope will join me. These include Michael Sampson, Kyle McFarlin, Matthew Cornell, Steve Richards, and Steve Holden, to name a few. These, along with any of my regular readers, will add greatly to the richness of this activity.

As always comments and suggestions welcome.

I'll post more, soon.

Posted at 05/17/2006 1:01:12 by Eric Mack

Completion on the horizon. New challenges ahead

It is funny you just blogged about this. I just got a new Toshiba M400 for work to upgrade to from the Toshiba Tecra M4, and I am seriously considering a complete overhaul of my day-to-day systems. One radical idea is to only take data from my M4 that I can identify as necessary. I think I'm lugging around data in My Docs and in Outlook at is nearly 10 years old. So a fresh data re-boot is definitely something I'm seriously considering. - Steve

Posted at 05/24/2006 17:07:32 by Steve Holden

PKM Adventure

Thanks, Steve.

I plan to start blogging about personal knowledge management. I hope to find a number of folks to join me in this PKM adventure. Perhaps you'll join us?


Posted at 06/03/2006 21:31:35 by Eric Mack

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