The cover of the books says "365 Daily Readings" but it actually took me 366 days to complete it. That's not the author's fault; it's mine for falling behind. In any case, I spent the day catching up so I can now cross this project off as completed - at least until I'm ready to read it again.

TheDailyBible.jpgDespite the title of this post, I won't presume to write book review of the Bible. As the inspired Word of God, it needs no review from me and there's nothing that I can say other than I am deeply moved, convicted, challenged, and inspired each time I read it. What I will write about is the format for this particular Bible. It's the New International (NIV) Translation which I really enjoy for casual reading. (For in-depth study of the Scriptures, I prefer a more traditional study Bible in either NKJ or NASB translation and I found it helpful to keep a study Bible at hand for those times I wanted to dig deeper.)

What I really appreciate is the presentation of the scriptures in chronological order. It reads as a story and the chronological reference makes it easier to consider the events in context. In addition, the editor, Dr. F. LaGard Smith, provides an ongoing narrative in the form of a brief commentary at the start of each day's reading to set context. This is my second time reading through this particular Bible cover-to-cover and I have enjoyed the experience. If you desire to read through the whole of God's Word in one year and leave the experience with a good contextual and topical overview, I can certainly recommend this approach.

Over the years, I have given away several of these Bibles to friends. Apparently the version I own has been updated. You can find the current version on Amazon here.

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Book Review: The Daily Bible in Chronological Order

I've got the NRSV version and it is awesome! For the past couple of years, I've been listening to a daily reading podcast that is in-line with the daily Catholic liturgy. I'm still going to listen to the podcast but I started reading again yesterday as well. What every flavor of Christianity you call your own, the one year edition is really great.

Posted at 01/02/2010 18:56:14 by Tim Lorge

Book Review: The Daily Bible in Chronological Order

Thanks for posting, Eric. Hope to see you at LS.

Posted at 01/04/2010 7:20:33 by John Rowland

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