I missed Happy TV-Turnoff Week and I did not even know. Many years ago, we shut off our TV; we've never looked back. It was difficult for about 3 days. Since then, we've found better things to do with our time - like visiting, playing games, and just being a family.

I do miss the history channel, but not the commercials - it's just not worth it. I can buy or rent quality programs. I can also check them out from the library. Life is too short to fill my head much of the garbage that the networks and their sponsors want me to see. Even when we did have broadcast television in our home, there was so little that represented our values, that Kathy and I spent most of our viewing time previewing and screening shows and their commercials from our children. Even our favorite classics on Nick-at-Nite (were talking many years ago) were routinely punctuated by commercials unbecoming a responsible network. It seems that the networks (or their advertisers) see little value in programs that are not violent, degrading, or graphic in more ways than one.  Well, I'm not watch'n it and I care too much about my children to let them watch television that won't show them what a functional home and marriage can be like.

Recently, we purchased the entire Little House on the Prairie series on DVD. I'd never seen this; I must have been too busy playing with computers. What a wonderful program -- and without commercials. Each week, we watch one episode with the children and then we talk about it. We've had a great time and we still have many seasons left to see.

Kathy and I have learned to be much more careful about what comes into our home and into our minds.

If you've not tried it, consider turning off your TV for a week. You may not miss it.

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Be careful little eyes, what you see ...

Eric, we did the same thing about 4 years ago and its been great. We actually play games as a family and even read together. Amazing.

Posted at 05/07/2005 20:18:47 by Jon Dale

Be careful little eyes, what you see ...

My wife and I stopped watching television last year. We don't miss the mindless drivel a bit. Television was not meeting our expectations - out with it then. The cable bill was getting out of hand as well.

Save money and sanity - woohoo!

Posted at 05/08/2005 21:07:25 by Lyndon Kessler

Be careful little eyes, what you see ...

My husband and I decided not to get cable when we got married a little over a year ago and it was the best decision! Like you said, we found better things to do with our time -we took guitar lessons together and I even started my own silk floral business. We recently moved to a new apartment, however, and found that the cable had not yet been disconnected from the previous tenant's account. In the last week that we've had t.v., we've still managed to get outside, but we find ourselves wasting time that we could easily have filled with better things. My husband missed the history channel and sports, but we both agree that lifes to short to spend it in front of the TV. I'm happy to see that there are others out there who are turning it off for better alternatives as well!

Posted at 05/09/2005 13:20:40 by Kathy

Be careful little eyes, what you see ...

AGGGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! THis is crazy talk!

Blasphemers! Heretics!

How can you live without college football?????

Posted at 05/10/2005 9:03:31 by Jon Johnston

Be careful little eyes, what you see ...

You are to be commended for your decision.

Perhaps I am treading the "middle" ground. Since purchasing a Tivo, I am able to watch things that I would not normally even know about, fast forward through the commercials and avoid everything else! My TV watching time has perhaps increased, but now I only watch what I want to, when I want to. Very refreshing.

Posted at 05/11/2005 9:48:38 by Philip

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