Are you planning to exhibit at Lotusphere 2010?

Saturday, November 21st, 2009
I've just returned from my last conference for 2009 and I could not help but notice the fact that fewer companies are exhibiting and fewer people are bothering to visit the booths of those vendors that do. I'm sure this is in part a symptom of the economy and in part due to shifts in the way that vendors reach their prospects. One conference I recently attended had an exhibit hall that was only about half as full as last year. To make matters worse, bowls of candy and giveaways remained untouched - few people were visiting the booths. Ouch!

Last year at Lotusphere 2009, we were told that conference attendance was up from the previous year. Since I did not attend LS08, I cannot make a comparison; however, the attendance - at least in the product showcase where I spent 3 days - seemed light.

As I think ahead to Lotusphere 2010, I wonder what it will be like this year.

If you are a vendor of products or services for Lotus Software, I'd be curious to get your thoughts on-line or off-line and I would be curious to know if you think we will see a lot of traffic in the product showcase this year.

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Are you planning to exhibit at Lotusphere 2010?

2007 was our best year yet. Traffic lessened in 2008, but increased in 2009.

We have exhibited since 2003, and always find it a good return on our investment. I think it depends on what you are exhibiting, how penetrated that market is, and how you are getting people to your booth. Our first year, NoteMan Toolbar was an entirely new concept, and virtually every Administrator and Developer was interested. This year, it's perhaps 2 out of every 3 (partly due to budget, partly due to already knowing/having it), which is lower, but still a very good hit ratio. We also offer other solutions and, in fact mostly, services. So we're able to pick up on what other offerings to mention while we have the visitor at the booth.

Posted at 11/22/2009 14:55:04 by Jamie Magee

Are you planning to exhibit at Lotusphere 2010?

Unless something changes, we are not sponsoring -- or even exhibiting this year. I think this will probably be the first time ever that none of the merged companies Digital/Compaq/HP will be represented on the exhibit floor. With a lot of cost controls in place due to the general state of the economy and with the low traffic level last year, it's not surprising at all though.

Posted at 11/22/2009 18:48:01 by Richard Schwartz

Are you planning to exhibit at Lotusphere 2010?


We will be there again as we have since 2001. We find it to a good experience overall. Yes traffic at the booth was lighter last year than other years but it did seem more qualified.

While attendance may have been up, I think a lot of it was IBM employees. I don't ever remember seeing that many around as last year.

Stop by and chat if you get a minute.

Posted at 01/04/2010 6:11:08 by Denny Russell

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