God is truly the source of all skill and the goal of all labor.

These opening words, spoken by music director, D.J. Jackson, at the 2006 Baccalaureate Chapel, gave me pause to think about what I've accomplished and how thankful I am for the opportunities I have experienced.

The Baccalaureate Chapel was a powerful opportunity to assemble with the other graduates to give thanks and celebrate what God has allowed us to achieve. We sang traditional hymns, reflected on our achievements, heard some words of encouragement, and prayed for our future.

2006 Baccalaureate Chapel with Dr. John MacArthur.jpg

Dr. John MacArthur admonished the graduates:
You will be a product of your influences. Choose very well, those whom you allow to shape your life. "... everyone when he is fully trained, will be like his master." Luke 6:40
He went on to discuss how we should carefully consider our goals, and how we approach life, allowing God to work through us.

As a computer geek, allow me to describe this in geek notation:

Input is what we feed into our minds. Processing is what we do with that information. Output, is what we accomplish during our brief lifetime on earth.

My take on this: When all is said and done, at the end of our life, what really matters is what kind of eternal impact we have made. Everything else, when considered from eternity, is of no significant value. That does not mean that we should not engage in daily activities; it means that whatever we do, we should do it for the glory of God, working, not as unto men, but as unto the Lord. A godly perspective will certainly change our approach and our motives for the things that we do.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to study business from a biblical perspective. With traditional business textbooks in one hand and a Bible in the other, I was able to look at these subjects from a godly perspective. This approach, combined with excellent instruction has added richly to my life experience.

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All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

I had no idea you were familiar with "Grace To You" and John MacArthur.

It's very tough in the workplace to follow a Christian-like lifestyle. So many companies are full of people that are downright dishonest and mean.

And trying to find where God wants to lead you career-wise is soooo frustrating.

Take care.

Posted at 05/11/2006 16:41:22 by Dave Fourputt

All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

Thanks for the reminder of what's really important... And thanks again for pointing out some time back about the GTY podcasts...

Posted at 05/11/2006 19:10:12 by Thomas "Duffbert" Duff

re: All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

Dave, as I'm sure you are aware, John MacArthur, is an amazingly gifted man with a clear understanding of a biblical worldview and a heat to teach others the truth from God's Word. In addition to his leadership in his ministry at Grace To You and his work at The Master's Seminary, He's also the president of The Master's College. He's supported by an incredible staff of professors in all disciplines of science, liberal studies, business, and, of course, theology. I count myself fortunate to have been able to study in the Organizational Management program at the Center for Professional Studies at The Master's College.

You're right, it IS difficult to be in the workplace (in the world) and yet not be like the workplace (we are called to a higher standard). Yet, God calls us to behave differently from the world (or the workplace), so that we might bring honor to Him, in our service to others.

The course of study I experienced is unique in that the business courses are taught using both the popular business texts and God's Word, the Bible.

Together, I feel like I am better equipped to serve my clients and staff and to be of service to others.



Posted at 05/11/2006 19:02:00 by Eric Mack

Glad to help, Thomas

I've been fortunate to have several dear people hold me accountable and focus on what's really important. The things that I share, here on my blog, are the things that I'm learning.


Posted at 05/11/2006 23:31:31 by Eric Mack

All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

Thanks for the post Eric. I tend to have me 'Christian' posts and my 'Technology' posts in two seperate streams. It was great to have someone remind me that the two are the same life and that God is the ruler of both.

Posted at 05/12/2006 1:32:52 by Graham Chastney

All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

Great post Eric. Thanks for the reminder of the purpose we are here for. At times it can be tough in the corporate world but I always know "God has my back".

Posted at 05/12/2006 4:43:01 by Jason

All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

When people walk into my office, I'm an Executive Pastor, they often comment about how many "business" books and copies of Fast Company magazine they see. It is good to hear about this from the non pastoral view point.

Our world is a world of process, can you imagine how chaotic the world would be without it? Len Sweet uses a term called "chaortic" that I like a lot. The world around us can appear to be out of control. Thank for reminding us that we need to be aware of how God uses process.

Posted at 05/13/2006 6:29:57 by Ron Robison

All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

A lady in our church who went to be with the Lord Jesus had a wonderful phrase on her wall. She was a very gifted artist in the Robert Bateman vein. She said, "Everything I have created God first created in me." It has stuck with me ever since as a succinct but profound statement of how God's glory is expressed through our own lives. Thanks Eric for reminder of the connection.


Posted at 06/26/2006 9:36:57 by Gordon

re: All achievements should remind us of the grace of God

Thanks, Gordon. What a great story. gty. Eric

Posted at 06/29/2006 10:38:30 by Eric Mack

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