Advice for Gatsby

Monday, March 10th, 2003
I am presently completing a course in American Literature, which I have found particularly interesting.  This is not your typical AM Lit course.  We are studying American Literature from a Christian Worldview and specifically, the influence that the Bible had (or did not have) on the writers and their works.
Image:Advice for Gatsby
For the past several days I have been in hiding as I work on the outline for my final paper.  My assignment is to write about F. Scott Fitzgerald's work: "The Great Gatsby," and how the wisdom literature of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes would relate to some of the character's dilemmas.

I'm tired and punchy, so here's a bit of my own advice for Gatsby on the consequences of sin:
"If a man is having a relationship with a woman who's husband is having a relationship with a woman who's husband owns a gas station and a gun, it would be unwise for the man to let the woman drive his car when she is not sober. He just might end up getting shot by her husband."

I guess that pretty well wraps up the moral of the story, huh?  Now, all I have to do is expand that to 8 pages, double-spaced.  I wonder if I can use 36 pt...

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