A simpler time ...

Friday, April 29th, 2005
Just 40 years ago, a man's home was still his castle. As I remember, radio, TV (black and white, all 7 channels - available up to 18 hours a day), and to some extent the rotary phone, were the only ways for information to penetrate the castle walls quickly.

Back then, we lived in a mostly disconnected world. There was no such thing as satellite television or satellite radio, and pagers, cell phones, personal fax machines, and e-mail did not yet exist. Homes that had phone service had only one line. Growing up, I remember we had a "Party line." Two or three neighbors shared the line. (A few years ago, I had more phone lines in my house than I had occupants. How times have changed.)

I remember once, hearing a typing sound coming from my parent's room; the strange thing was that no one was in the room. I peeked in the room. There, I saw a typewriter typing all by itself. (I now I that was a portable teletype machine with an acoustic coupler - probably operating at about 50 baud. For a young boy, it was an amazing sight.) That was 30 years ago.

Even then, technology was chipping away at the castle walls. Information had begun to cross the castle walls in both directions. Still, it was a trickle, by today's standards. I hesitate to think about what the "norm" will be in five to ten years.

I have no idea where I'm going with this post; I'm not sure I even have a point. I'll file this one under "musings."

Instant messages? We had those: An instant message was what happened when your neighbor came over and rapped on the kitchen window to let you know that your dog was in her rose garden again.

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A simpler time ...

Wow, you must be reeaaallly old!!!!


I had two channels growing up..... two of the major three networks.

Posted at 4/30/2005 8:03:24 PM by Jon Johnston

A simpler time ...

During my high school years I lived in a town about an hour north of Detroit. I haven't lived in Michigan since 1975 but I still remember the channels and network affiliations to this day. We could get all 3 networks plus a Canadian station out of Windsor, Ontario.

I also remember the instructor in high school typing class saying that "one day typewriters would be able to automatically correct spelling. But until then, she would grade her students on accuracy as well as speed."

Posted at 5/11/2005 9:11:18 AM by Bruce Heimburger

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