A compelling reason to use a Tablet PC

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
Tonight I heard a very compelling reason for using a Tablet PC and I heard it on the Tablet PC Show #23. Twenty minutes into the show, Tracy Hoooten, of the Student Tablet PC Blog explained to James Kendrick why she preferred the Tablet PC over a traditional laptop:
"I have access to pretty much everything that I own, school-wise, while I'm taking notes in class ..."
I thought about Tracy's comment, and she's right. I've used my Tecra M4 Tablet PC with clients and in my Management courses and I've had the same experience. If I needed to access something while taking notes or drawing a mind map, I could simply switch to another application or a web browser, look up my information, and return to note-taking - without skipping a beat.

I've given friends and clients many reasons why I think the Tablet PC is a good tool, but none are as clear as Tracy's example.

I've allowed recent events to distract or discourage me from using my Tecra M4 in tablet mode; I've primarily been using it at my desk in laptop mode.

It's time to twist the screen around and return to tablet mode.

Thanks Tracy!

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A compelling reason to use a Tablet PC

Could it be that it is just plain more intuitive to multitask and digress with a pen in hand?

I have a convertable, too, but it is always in slate mode! I use Dragon naturally speaking for serious input.

Posted at 09/21/2005 4:16:06 by Julie

A compelling reason to use a Tablet PC

Always press your advantage. :)

Posted at 09/22/2005 19:49:38 by James Kendrick

A compelling reason to use a Tablet PC

No problem, Eric! (better late than never ^_^)

Posted at 10/13/2005 19:33:06 by Tracy

A compelling reason to use a Tablet PC

I am a student working on my Master's in Music Composition and I find using a tablet pc to be really, really wonderful. I'm using a Tecra M4. Music notation programs such as Finale and Sibelius, even though not 'ink' driven, are far easier to use in tablet mode than mousing or use of keyboard macros, and far more intuitive. Also, My note-taking and study habits are pretty old school, having done my undergrad in the early 90's when laptops weighed 30 pounds and cost more than the family car. Using Journal or OneNote lets

me work like I used to (pen and paper) only with the added benefit of text recognition.

Posted at 10/18/2005 10:31:27 by Aaron

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