Last year, I purchased a BlackBerry Bold to play with. I don't use it often because there's no wireless coverage where I live. Recently, I set up a WiFi access point and a BES in order to test the integration with Lotus Notes. I've only had BES running for a short while and I'm impressed with the seamless integration between Notes and the BlackBerry.

My real interest was to explore how I might improve upon the on-device applications from a productivity perspective. What I found was that the onboard apps leave much to be desired - especially tasks and memo (reference).

I use eProductivity for Lotus Notes, along with several reference databases. The first reference database is mapped as my personal Journal, so it syncs automatically with the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry only provides native support for one "MemoPad" database on the device. I'd like to get my other reference databases to Sync with the BlackBerry as well. When I used to do integration with the Palm, I used products by Sybase and CommonTime with great success. I know that there are many equivalent options for the BlackBerry. Ideally, I'm looking for something that if I recommend it to a client they won't balk at price or complexity to deploy.

Are you synching additional discussion/document/reference databases with your BlackBerry? If so, which sync tool are you using and how is that working for you?

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A Bold move to get my Notes DBs on my BlackBerry

There are ways and means.

Drop me a line.

Posted at 10/03/2009 4:43:00 by Dragon Cotterill

A Bold move to get my Notes DBs on my BlackBerry

Hello Eric,

I feel your pain, the iPhone/iPod touch is more dynamic.

You need to find applet that synch over the air via a web service. IMHO BES does not integrate easily a plugin and most company does not want to mess with it.

I'm playing with TaskCoach { Link } an open source who support the GTD concept and the Mac /PC / Linux / BB / iPhone platform.

If you like what you saw, maybe we can contribute financially to help them get the right features out there faster.


Posted at 10/03/2009 13:41:40 by Benoit H. Dicaire

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