72 Minutes to productivity on a Mac

Monday, May 8th, 2006
Did the title of this get your attention? It got mine. I'm always on the lookout for productivity tools and the Mac continues to show up on my radar. Meanwhile, Michael continues to taunt me; he's just blogged about 72 minutes to productivity with his Mac.

But wait! I thought this never happens on a Mac?

20060508 - MAC BSOD.jpg

Not that it would prevent me from trying a new Mac. Michael certainly hints often enough. It just tarnishes the image of a computer that is supposed to never crash.

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72 Minutes to productivity on a Mac

Of course it happens on a Mac. And just about as frequently as it does on a properly configured Windows XP box (which is to say rarely if ever). I have had my current Tablet PC for 8 months and haven't seen a single BSOD. My last Tablet PC had exactly one BSOD in 18 months.

Posted at 05/08/2006 13:33:05 by Marc Orchant

72 Minutes to productivity on a Mac

Well Eric, I'll keep chipping, and hope that someday you'll buy a Mac for the house.

I too was surprised on the BSOD ... it kind of spoilt my post for you :-)

@Marc ... I don't get many BSODs on my Tablet either, but I've had 3 in the 11 months I've owned it. Perhaps I'm more hard on my computing equipment than you are! One of those was withing hours of turning it on.

Posted at 05/08/2006 16:38:25 by Michael Sampson

72 Minutes to productivity on a Mac

My mac has only BSOD once. Yes an application will stop responding evey now and then but that is easily solved with a "Force Quit".

Posted at 05/08/2006 19:48:11 by Bruce Elgort

72 Minutes to productivity on a Mac

Now it is clear. BSOD is not a Microsoft's fault (or feature). It is built-in into Intel processors!

Posted at 05/08/2006 22:14:29 by TesTeq

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