I've just surfaced from 6 weeks of intense work, presentations, and client travel. Two weeks in Ojai with the David Allen Company, two weeks to complete and work on my eProductivity business plan, and two weeks of client travel to meet with clients who waited patiently during my absence. This, punctuated by a memorial service for my grandpa, my business plan presentation (miracle did occur),  a dinner meeting with Marc Orchant and a delightful visit from my good friend, Michael Sampson and his Mac. (We enjoyed a very quick Thanksgiving dinner and church the next day, followed by a brief visit aboard a special aircraft.) Blog posts on all of these, coming soon.

I am going somewhere with this.
I'm setting the stage for typically serious post-travel overwhelm. Whenever this happens, I apply the GTD work flow model to processing my stuff.  I'm now wresting with last 100 emails (out of thousands) and a small stack of papers, 33 draft blog topic ideas, and a business plan to revise.

So, what does all of this have to do with using a 24" LCD Panel as a tool for visual project mapping?

Sometimes, tactile project planning tools simply work better than digital tools - especially when your Tablet PC is in the shop for dust removal.*
20060810 - LCD Panel post-it note display.jpg

*After a fantastic 4-day turnaround on my first Tecra repair from Toshiba, I decided to send in my Tablet PC to have them clean the dust (which they neglected to do on the first visit). It's been gone 2 weeks and is not expected back for at least another week or so. This gave me a great excuse to rediscover post-it notes as a visual planning tool.

OK, Michael. Take your best shot.

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24 LCD Panel as a tool for visual project mapping

Nice retro-tech Eric. I bet Michael will point out that OS X has on-screen sticky notes too ;^)

Posted at 08/11/2006 4:53:59 by Marc Orchant

24 LCD Panel as a tool for visual project mapping

OK - seeing the reference again to Toshiba's customer service - I can't resist sharing a recent story about Apple Customer Service.

Someone I know recently had this experience at an Apple Store. The person has a well traveled 4 year old G4 laptop. Last week when she opened it, the hinges on the display cracked and now the display flops back (on this particular G4 that means you need to get a new display and bezel). She brings it to the Apple Genius Bar and says, can you fix it. I have backed up my disk and cloned it so please take my laptop and fix it. Another Apple Genius overhears this conversation (turns out to be the manager) and says to the other Apple Genius, make that a CS. My friend says CS what does that mean. The response was "Customer Satisfaction" which means we are fixing it for free and you will have it back in a week.

Now that's Customer Service

Posted at 08/11/2006 12:33:03 by Mark Druy

Outstanding Apple Customer Service story

Great story, Mark. I know that there are equally customer-focused managers in every company. This manager not only gained a loyal customer but created company value as the story gets told and retold. Glad to hear it.

Posted at 08/11/2006 12:43:17 by Eric Mack

24 LCD Panel as a tool for visual project mapping

Thanks for hosting me Eric. I had a neat time visiting with you and your family. M.

Posted at 08/14/2006 20:32:30 by Michael Sampson

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