Tablet PC Software Recommendations

Thursday, April 28th, 2005
Several readers posted recommendations for productivity software I should consider for the Tablet PC.  Thanks. I appreciate the recommendations.

Here's what's on my list to evaluate so far:

Marc Orchant
  • Orange Guava Desktop with ActiveWords
  • Agilix GoBinder
  • Tablet Enhancements for Outlook
James Kendrick
  • For ease of use with the pen- Entbloess or TopDesk for switching windows easily
  • Tablet PC Launcher for pen access to all your programs and docs
  • Media Transfer from Experience Pack to get media files (including podcasts) onto TPC
  • ritePen which offers write anywhere capability for ink text entry and fuses their advanced recognition engine with the TIP.  I get better accuracy using ritePen than the TIP alone.
Warner Crocker
  • Orange Guava Desktop with Active Words
  • Agilix Gobinder
  • Experience Pack for the Snipping Tool if for no other reason
  • PrinttoOneNote powertoy and
  • PP2One to pull Powerpoint Presentations or slides into OneNote for annotating
Nik Tipler
  • ResultsManager, now "Ink Enabled"  
  • "I'm playing with Orange Guava Desktop with Active Words at the moment"
  • "I've set up some MindManager/ResultsManager Active Words commands which is looking interesting."
Eric Mack
  • MindManager
  • ResultsManager
  • Microsoft OneNote
These three applications are the main reasons I purchased a Tablet PC in the first place ... aside from the geek factor, of course.

Anything you'd like to add?

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Tablet PC Software Recommendations

I highly recommend MessagEase ( For me it has been indispensible and I use it instead of TIP.

Posted at 09/26/2005 9:10:04 by Yoko N

Tablet PC Software Recommendations

Having never used MessageEase it is difficult for me to comment on the ease of use. I am however skeptical to its performance. Although it does look (once learned) to be faster than using a keyboard with a pen, I think it is still more natural to write with the TIP. The TIP is as natural as writing on paper and that's why I prefer the TIP. To each their own. I am glad to see you've found software that pleases you. If you are an inkling (tablet user), welcome to the pen club.

You can find me at the blog "Inklings and Impressions".

Posted at 09/30/2005 6:11:05 by sgim

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