20091117-KMWorldStanGarfield.JPGI've followed Stan's writing on KM for years, so it's a treat to finally meet Stan in person.(Stan will be on our PKM Panel this afternoon, as well.). Today, Stan reflects on his 13 years on KM with a fast-moving presentation on his lessons learned about effective KM. Like all of his writing, Stan shared many insights. I have listed a few below.

Started in KM in 1996 at DEC. KM was something on the side.

Reflecting on his 13 years in KM: (I'll try to come back an fill in details later)

1. Collect content: Connect People
        Key influencer: Patrick Lambe

2. Try things out; improve and iterate
        Key influencer: Tom Davenport

3. Lead by example; model behaviors
        Key influencer: Carla O'Dell

4. Set goals; recognize and reward
        Key influencer: Nancy Dixon

5. Tell your stories; get others to tell theirs
        Key influencer: Steve Denning

6. Use the right tool for the job; build good examples
        Key influencer: Tom Stewart

7. Enable innovation; support integration
        Key influencer: Verna Allee

8. Include openly; span boundaries
        Key influencer: Larry Prusak

9. Prime the pump; ask and answer questions        
        Key influencer: Etienne Wenger

10. Network; pay it forward
        Key influencer: Hubert Saint-Onge

11. Let go of control; encourage and monitor
        Key influencer: Clay Shirkey

12. Just say yes; be responsive
        Key influencer: Chris SollisonC

13. Meet less; deliver more
        Key influencer: Seth Godin

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13 Years in KM - A baker’s dozen insights (Stan Garfield)

Stan is no doubt a KM luminary. Amazing that he was able to boil 13 years down into 13 tips.

We are very excited that Stan is one of the Steering Board members for the new { Link }

Posted at 11/17/2009 13:33:18 by Swan

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