I hope that this update will be of some assistance to anyone who is stranded off the hill or concerned about loved ones up here on the hill.

The storms hit us pretty hard last night and numerous trees and power lines are down, including those in my yard. The power has been out for Pine Mountain Club and some of the surrounding mountain areas since late last night. I have not heard any estimates of when the power will be restored and I have not yet seen any SCE trucks come by to repair the downed power lines on our street. My personal guess, is that it could be a long time, especially with tonight's expected storm.  Avoid travel on or off the hill if at all possible.

I have activated the heater on my primary web camera; I have also updated the weather links on the ICA WeatherCam. There, you will find current links for the latest Winter Storm Warning and Hazardous Weather Outlook, for the Kern County Mountains.

20041228 - Snow Storm

Scott's Frazier Mountain weather update has not yet been posted for today, so I'll share the little that I can:  

We still have 10'-12" of wet packed snow at 5800 feet; expect to see more at the higher elevations. Earlier today, the snow started to melt a little on the south facing roads, however this will mean any roads that may get cleared today may have ice on them this evening, so drive carefully.  The weather service is reporting another storm for this evening with another 1-2 feet of snow. As the temperatures drop this evening, expect additional snow and ice.

Due to the downed power lines, the road crews have not yet plowed some of the streets. If you must go out, I do not recommend doing so without 4WD, Chains installed, and emergency provisions.

If you can avoid travel on or off the hill, I would recommend it. If you are already off the hill and heading home tonight, be sure to check Caltrans for conditions on the 5 freeway. Be sure to pack groceries, blankets, food and water.

If you live in the PMC area and have updated information or if you have travelled through the mountains today and would like to post an update on the weather/road conditions, please use the comments to do so. The ICA WeatherCam will remain operational.

Stay warm & safe!


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What Little I Know about PMC 12/28/04

Well, I'll try to add what little current info I know. We heard on the Bakersfield news that SCE reported that power was restored to 2200 homes between Gorman and Frazier Park at about 5:00pm. That was real news, 'cuz I didn't even know that there were power outages in those areas!

I know that most of Pinon Pines has had power pretty much all day, although they lost it for a bit around 3:00am. Cuddy Valley is definitely without power as of this writing, as is (of course) PMC.

I have heard discussion about problems on Lockwood Valley Road causing the power issue. My guess is that this means that the substation on Lockwood Valley Road (about 1/2 mile from Lake of the Woods) has some problem that's creating the widespread outage.

I spoke with a customer tonight that said he was told power should be restored by 7:00pm. Since its almost 8:00pm, I'm figuring that deadline isn't going to happen.

Through my travels and comments from others - it appears that most of the main roads are open with either light snow and/or ice. Definitely 4WD/Chains conditions throughout the hill.

Well, hope this helps.....

Posted at 12/28/2004 19:50:29 by Scott Rosen

More Power info

Bob Saberhagen provided me with some info he garnered from SCE officials for a Bakersfield Californian story he's doing for tomorrow.

Here's a quote of his e-mail to me:

It appears there are numerous poles and lines down in the Cuddy/Frazier area

which are inaccessible and though at least 7 crews are working around the

clock, it might be another day or so - depending on the weather and other

variable factors - before they might be repaired.

"Conditions are (presently) horrendous" for the replacement of power poles

and will remain so if the weather remains inclement, the official said.

So, looks like we better get used to no power for awhile....

Posted at 12/28/2004 20:29:02 by Scott Rosen

Update 12/29/04

According to a helpful lady at the clubhouse, as of 5:00 this evening, So Cal Edison continues to work on restoring power. There are apparently 11 poles down; these must be replaced and new wires run before they can restore power. In addition, the many downed power lines, such as the one in front of my house, need to be repaired before power can be restored.

Apparently SCE has hired contractors to assist with this project. It is a monumental task and could take some time.

Please stay off the roads and away from the downed power lines.

Best Regards, keep warm!


Posted at 12/29/2004 17:00:21 by Eric Mack

Thinking of you...


Just a note to let you know we're thinking of you and hope you weather this OK (no pun intended). Hopefully things will settle down in time for a safe and joyous New Year.

Posted at 12/29/2004 18:02:34 by Marc Orchant

12/30/04 Power Update

Here is the power status as of 12/30/04 7:00pm that I can determine so far:

Cuddy Valley - back on between 2:00am - 6:00am for almost all customers

PMC - Yellowstone area - I believe power restored around 6:00am - but I had a report that their power went off later today.

PMC - Voltaire/Tirol are - I believe power came on and went away as with Yellowstone

when or how widespread

PMC - San Moritz Area - apparently same status as Voltaire/Tirol

PMC - Commercial Center, Maplewood, Birchwood, Freeman to about 1/2 way to Bernina - restored around 9:00am

PMC - Aleutian, Mobile home area - restored around 6:00am

PMC - Symonds, Ironwood, South/West of Mil Potrero - power restored around 1:15pm

PMC - Lower Woodland, East of Market, PMC General Store, Pioneer, Lower Zermatt, perhaps Bernina - Restored at 10:30am, but off at


PMC - Upper Zermatt, Upper Woodland - Still off.

PMC - Shasta Way - Still Off :-(

PMC - My House - Generator still running strong, adequate fuel supplies. However, not enough generator power to run the water heater, and this morning's shower was barely warm. I expect cold shower tomorrow AM (but I'm grateful the warm water lasted as long as it did.

Posted at 12/30/2004 19:02:35 by Scott Rosen

Our Power is back!

I've not yet heard from folks in other parts of the mountains, but our area just got our power back! Thank you Southern California Edison, for your diligent working during these storms!

Now, if we can just get the road clear, we can get to town...

Posted at 12/31/2004 12:21:03 by Eric Mack

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