This week, pastors from our church and several others in the Santa Clarita Valley took a stand on the planned burning of the Quran by Pastor Terry Jones. I am pleased to be represented in this as I do not support actions of this man who would seek to do harm in the name of our Lord. I understand that the actions of one individual claiming to be a Christian do not represent all of Christianity any more than the cowardly acts of a group of terrorists should be not be assigned to an entire religion.

I hope that this letter, and more importantly our actions as followers of Christ, will show the Muslim community of Santa Clarita that we desire to live the model that our Lord set before us - to love our neighbors and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I also hope this encourages all religious leaders to righteously oppose the actions of those minorities who would commit offensive acts and claim to do them in the name of religion.

This open letter to the Muslim community of Santa Clarita  originally appeared in the Santa Clarita Signal on September 10, 2010:

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Amy & Wendy, born September 5, 1992

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