LEGO 2003 Kickoff

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
This year, I will again coach a team of seven home educated girls, and this week we kick off the season for the U.S. First Jr. Robotics LEGO Competition. Last year, the girls won the Judges Award at the competition, held in LEGOland, California. This year, we again will endeavor to do our best. The theme is "Mission to Mars" to coincide with NASA's missions to Mars.  It will be a great deal of work, a lot of fun, and a good education -- for all of us.
Image:LEGO 2003 Kickoff
Amy & Wendy put the finishing touches on their robot.

Ready for Anything

Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
Image:Ready for Anything

OK, I learned a lesson today.  When someone gives you a book, always open it promptly and check carefully for any comments inside -- even if it means reading the whole book. :-)   A few days ago, I was in Ojai, doing some work at the offices of David Allen.  Waiting for me on the desk, was a copy of his latest book, Ready for Anything, with some kind words, which David had written inside the front cover.  That David had given me an early copy of his book was not a surprise; I have been working with David for more than a decade, and I share his passion for the productive edge.   I took the book home and put it on the top of my Read/Review pile.

Last night, I showed the book to Kathy, and we discovered that David had also written words of appreciation of me in his acknowledgements on the first page.  I was surprised and emotional, to say the least.  This is yet another wonderful example of the many reasons that I enjoy being on David's team.  David is the kind of guy who treats people well, and who does not hesitate to express his gratitude in recognition of others -- even those who work mostly behind the scenes. It is with equal gratitude that I accept his book and his kind words.  

I hope that you all rush out and buy a copy of David's book.  

Seriously, the book is sure to do well.  Why?  Because it is practical information that you can apply quickly to accomplish profound results.  At first glance, it would appear that the book is simply a collection of his Productivity Principles Newsletter, and in a way it is.  But it is much more.  Closer examination reveals that David has carefully restructured the material and distilled the essentials of Getting Things Done, into 52 easy-to-read, focused essays, with a checklist and key questions at the end of each section. In fact, the key questions are my favorite part.  I plan to start working through one section each week.

Here's to David, and another best seller!