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Monday, June 28th, 2010

For my developer friends that like to start their day with Java and who can't get anything productive done without it... enjoy!

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Because of where we live and the programs our children are involved in, we have two church families, one on the mountain and one off the hill. We have very dear friendships at both.

2010LindaAndRogerReece.jpgLast week, our pastor's wife passed away, leaving a heartbroken husband and congregation. Yesterday, our family attended the memorial service for Linda Reece, wife of Pastor Roger Reece. Linda and Roger came to serve at Pine Mountain Christian Community Church just three years ago and in a very short time they endeared the hearts of the congregation and the community. Evidence to this was the fact that the church had standing room only as people came to celebrate Linda's life and to show their encouragement to Roger and his children.

In the program, there was a poem by T.R. Buzzard, that sums up the Linda Reece we knew, loved and will miss until we see her again one day:
Our Pastor's Wife
In the shadow of the parsonage stands a figure of obscure.
Just behind the faithful pastor is his wife, devout and pure.
She is with him every moment helping make his work progress,
and you can't discount her portion in the measure of success.
Oft behind the scene of action, often never seen or heard,
yet she stands forever ready just to give a helping word.
It is not in active service that her worth is really shown,
but in the bearing heavy burdens that to others are unknown.
With encouragement and vision she must urge God's servant on,
when the shadows are the darkest and his courage's almost gone.
With her home forever open and her work quite never done,
she is ever his lieutenant in the battles fought and won.
       - T.R. Buzzard
The poem is a fitting tribute to Linda as were the many kind words shared by friends and family during the service.

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Update 6/22/2010: Problem resolved thanks to a few helpful people. Please see comment thread for details

I'm stumped by this problem with Apple Safari; perhaps you can help.

Here's the situation. I have a file that I make available for others to download. The file happens to be a Notes template but it could be any file with a non-standard extension.

The file is on a hosted web site at GoDaddy. I upload files there to make them available for download.

Here's an example:

On a PC, if you click on that link from IE, FireFox, Chrome, or Safari, the browser will prompt you to Open or save the file, like this:


On a Mac using the Apple Safari browser the experience is completely different.
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Dad, I’m watching you

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Do your words scream louder than your actions? If so, are your actions consistent with your words? That's something I try hard to keep in mind.

As a husband and father of four girls, I try to reflect Christ in my relationships with my wife, my children and others. I'm far from perfect but that's the model I've chosen to follow. As far as my children, I can preach all day long about what they should or should not do but, as this video shows, it's what they witness that will determine what they learn and who they become.

I was humbled to see my daughter's blog tribute this Father's Day. Clearly, things I did not think were important have impacted them. It's a sobering and welcome reminder that they are watching everything I do.
IBMer Amanda Bauman of the  Lotus Technical Information and Education Community Blog recently shared her experience implementing GTD in Lotus Notes with eProductivity. It's a great post and worth reading. I'd like to share the comment I posted on her blog in response:

Hi Amanda, thanks for continuing to share your experience getting things done with Notes and eProductivity. As the creator of the software, I was tickled to read this:
"This made me think of using GTD and eProductivity as having a time machine. It gave me back hours if not days of time I might have spent getting a handle on all the things I had to do.  It also gave me confidence that I hadn't dropped the ball on anything, and who doesn't want to feel like that?."

Amanda, that pretty much sums up the 'Successful outcome" we had in mind when we set out to create the ultimate productivity solution for Lotus Software. You are not alone; we routinely hear from users that they are saving 30 minutes to an hour or more each day.

At the end of my comment, I reiterated an offer I have extended to other technology and productivity bloggers:
As far as getting a license key, my open blogger offer remains: all I ask is that you give eProductivity a try for a month and blog your experience in at least four posts on topics of your choosing. At the end of your evaluation, if you conclude that you would like to keep eProductivity, I'll send you a free activation key, no strings attached. If you decide that you would prefer to go back to your old way of working, you can simply remove eProductivity. In either case, all of your projects and actions will remain in place, so you won't lose anything. I do hope you will continue to share your experience along the way and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Reading your blog post and the feedback we receive weekly from customers is great validation. Thanks.
If you are a technology or productivity blogger and you'd like to evaluate and blog about your experience with eProductivity, let me know. If you end up agreeing with thousands of others that eProductivity is the ultimate productivity application for IBM Lotus software and you want to keep using the product, let me know and I'll send you a complementary license key. You have nothing to lose except the time you waste each day being less productive that you could be.