A marriage proposal to remember...

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Here's an over-the-top and magical wedding proposal. John proposes to Erika in the middle of Main Street at Disneyland.

But watch, something special happens.

I wonder if she knew he could sing?

I still prefer my marriage proposal to my kindergarten crush. (See the comments for Kathy's telling of the story)

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"Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future."

Now there's a blog opener that will get someone's attention. It's from a blog post, How GTD Rescued Me, by Scott Gould. Scott's sharing his experience implementing GTD and specific the impact it's having on his life and ministry.

I know that there are a significant number of people in ministry that have implemented the GTD methodology to help them cope with a constantly changing set of priorities. For these people ministry is all about getting things done.

David Allen lovingly refers to these folks as ClerGTD.

I talked with a pastor friend about this phenomenon and he explained that GTD is the approach that allows him to serve his congregation and stay on top of things when his priorities can suddenly change with a phone call (e.g. Mrs. Smith is in the hospital, etc.)

I'm delighted to see the positive impact that GTD is having in people's lives.

Neat stuff.

Welcome to the GTD community, Scott. I look forward to reading about your experiences getting things done in ministry!

Blog: Scott Gould
A few weeks ago, I announced two free drawings for GTD Productivity tools. Sponsored by ICA, ActiveWord Systems, and Gyronix, the drawings awarded prizes with a total value of over $2000.

People were invited to to download and explore eProductivity for Lotus Notes. Everyone that did, got their name entered in the drawing. Those that took the time to send in feedback, got their name entered a second time. No purchase was required.

On June 2, Kelly drew the names of the first six winners and on June 15 Emily drew the next six for a total of 12 lucky winners.

Visit the Inside.eProductivity blog to find out who won.
This weekend, a friend shared a list of the top ten things a father can give his children.

1. A Spiritual compass

2. A Biblical self-image

3. Physical affection

4. Roots and wings

5. Marital harmony

6. A positive attitude

7. Purposeful discipline

8. A good role-model

9. A passion for life

10. ______________

What would YOU add to this list?


I've decided to give away licenses and subscriptions to some of my favorite GTD productivity software.

Inspired by this week's GTD with Lotus Notes podcast with GTD Coach, Kelly Forrister, I've decided to take a short break from showing people how to get more done with Lotus Notes and eProductivity to equip them with a way to get more done:

Here are ome of  the applications I'm giving away: Why am I doing this? This is an experiment to see if a drawing will be successful in encouraging people who have never experienced eProductiivty to visit the web site and try it.

In just over a week, I will hold a drawing for free GTD & productivity software. The drawing will be Monday, June 15, 2009. That's only 10-days away; so follow this link for to enter.

Help me spread the word. Do you blog or Tweet? Do you think this offer would be of interest to your friends? You know what to do. (Thanks!)

I wish you the best of luck in the drawing.


David Allen Company Coach and GTD Blogger Kelly Forrister posted a podcast today: Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes on the GTD Times blog.

This podcast kicks off her GTD Toolbox Tour which will highlight and review various tools to support the implementation of David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology.

"In our recent podcast  on The Perfect GTD List Manager, we shared that one of the most common questions we get is, “Which tool should I use for my GTD lists?”  Specifically, you want to know which tools David Allen uses!  While the GTD approach is tool-agnostic, we have our personal favorites, as we know many of you do as well.  eProductivity for IBM Lotus Notes is one of those, and is the tool David (and most of the staff at DavidCo) use to help manage our workflow."
In this podcast, Kelly and I talk about some of the design philosophy and underlying features and principles that make eProductivity the GTD tool that David Allen uses and recommends.

Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes

Listen carefully: there’s a free trial and on the podcast and an offer of $100 off to the first 50 people that respond by June 15.

Via GTD Times

Update: In addition to the $100 off special discount, I've decided to set up a free drawing for eProductivity, ActiveWords, and GyroQ - the three tools that I use to improve my productivity with Lotus Notes. See here for details.