I can't wait for the upcoming GTD Summit. I found this video while doing some research on the speakers and panelists who will be there.
I had a nice conversation with my friend David Allen last night and we talked about the impact of Twitter.

I shared that, from a Personal KM perspective, I see three key benefits of using Twitter:

It lowers resistance to sharing information. (The 140 character limitation is now a strength.)
It makes it easy to tap into a global mindset
And it provides quick recognition and feedback for what you think and know

I believe that we will find that Twitter and the form of communication it represents will impact our worlds in ways that exceed what we have seen with blogs or the web itself.

It is already transforming the way a small number of people work.

Within 18 months it will change our world.

This is only the beginning.
IBMer and fellow Notes blogger, Chris Blatnick, has been blogging his experience using eProductivity to get things done:
On the Road to Greater eProductivity!
     Thoughts on the eProductivity Install...Smooth Sailing Really

Another IBMer, Peter Simmons, recently attended David Allen's Making It All Work Seminar in Amsterdam and decided, as a result, to evaluate eProductivity:
     eProductivity, the first experiences #GTD

I hope Chris and Peter will continue to blog about their experience; I look forward to learning what works for them (and what doesn't). I'm convinced that they will soon learn why David Allen uses Lotus Notes and why he and recommends eProductivity as the ultimate personal productivity tool for IBM Lotus Notes.

Now, I wonder how long it will be before fellow Notes bloggers, Ed Brill, Alan Lepofsky, Bruce Elgort and Thomas Duff are all as eProductive as Chris is now?  (That's an invitation, guys. Let me know how I can help.)

Update: Visit the The Official Inside.eProductivity Blog to sell a list of the blog posts people have written to share their experiences.

P.S. Blogger Opportunity

If you are a GTD, Productivity or Lotus Notes blogger on Planet Lotus and would like to experience eProductivity for yourself, I have an offer for you:

1. Contact me to let me know of your interest in reviewing eProductivity and commit to install and use it for 30 days
2. Over the course of the 30 days, write five blog posts sharing your personal experience using eProductivity. What you write is up to you.
3. At the end of your evaluation, if you decide that eProductivity is the right GTD solution for you, let me know and I'll send you a full licence key.

That's it.

This offer is open to the first 10 people to respond. Interested? Click here and select "I'm interested in writing about eProductivity."

Free passes to GTD Summit with David Allen

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
This post is not for everyone, (there is a string attached), but if you want to attend the GTD summit and you use Lotus Notes, it may be of interest to you.

In short, to promote the public release of eProductivity, I've decided to purchase several passes to the GTD Summit and give them away to people that purchase eProductivity. With the special Lotusphere discounts, if you are planning to attend the Summit it is actually cheaper to purchase eProductivity for your team and get the free GTD Summit registration than it is to purchase a single pass to the Summit! (Details here.)

So, there it is: You can attend the GTD Summit and you and your team can use the same GTD implementation software that David Allen and his team use to get things done with Lotus Notes. I cannot think of a better value, especially in this economy. (Read my previous blog post about the GTD Summit.)

Please help me spread the word. Thanks.


P.S. Blogging has been very light these days. That's not for a lack of draft topics - I still have a bunch from Lotusphere. It's simply a matter of a lot to do this month. The public software launch, graduate studies, and teaching a course in Business Driven Technology have all kept me busy. I am Twittering a little (as part of my KM Research) so you can find me there. I'll be back to the blogging by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if you would help me spread the word about eProductivity.
David Allen is apparently promoting IBM Lotus Notes... again.

I've been following IBMer Peter Simoons's Twitter Feed today as he attends David Allen's, Making It All Work Seminar, in Amsterdam.

Peter's a productivity champion at IBM and we've had many interesting conversations and email exchanges over the years about Lotus Notes, GTD, and how the two intersect. It's been fun to read Peter's take on the new Making It All Work Seminar. (David gave folks that attended Lotusphere 2009 a tiny preview of the MIAW seminar we copresented our Best Practices session: Maximizing personal productivity with IBM Lotus Notes. PDF)

Peter's recent Tweets are quite interesting:

I love this one: "David comparing Lotus Notes to Web 2.0: We had web 2.0 before the web existed." While that statement is probably not entirely accurate, I do love it when people show me something new and I get to say: "but I got that 10 years ago in Notes."

David Allen's been a long time user and champion of Notes. In fact, David was my first Lotus Notes customer - over 15 years ago. I'm amazed that IBM hasn't snagged him as their official spokesperson or asked him to be a key customer reference. If I had a dollar for every time he talked about Lotus Notes at a seminar, to a client, or even at a public conference,  like Office 2.0 (watch the video)... I think IBM missed a huge opportunity when David was at Lotusphere this year. Even though I've heard him speak countless times, I would have much preferred hearing David as the guest speaker. I'm not saying that because David's a friend; I think people would have left the opening session with something they could really put to use.  

Are you planning to attend the GTD Summit?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
This is a challenging economic time.

It's also a time of extraordinary opportunity.

We no longer live in a make-it-and-move-it society where productivity can be measured by parts produced, raw materials consumed or time spent. For knowledge work, we need a new productivity equation.

Over on the Notes On Productivity blog, I've posted some of my thoughts on the GTD Summit and why I think it's important to focus on the methodology of productivity.

If you do plan to attend the GTD summit, let me know! Hopefully, I will see you there!

My Lotus Notes is now GTD Enabled

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I was delighted to receive an email from The David Allen Company that included this GTD Enabled logo for our software and web site:


eProductivity for IBM Lotus Notes is currently the only software product to be designated 'GTD® Enabled' by David Allen.

This is very exciting for me, as "Public version eProductivity shipped" has been on my project list for many years. Now that I can mark that one 'done' my next project is to get the word out.

The Teamstudio Spotlight Award 2009

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
Teamstudio Announces Winners of the 2009 Spotlight Awards

Lotusphere, Orlando, FL - January 20, 2009
Teamstudio announced today the winners of this year's Teamstudio Spotlight Awards Contest.

The contest, in its second year, was created to raise awareness of how great, relevant and effective Lotus Notes applications can be. Entrants were asked to initially submit a brief write-up about their applications, which were then rated on 5 criteria: (1) complexity of task performed, (2) degree of automation, (3) size of user community, (4) business value, and (5) creativity and innovation of design. The judging panel comprised of industry experts Bill Buchan, Bruce Elgort, Joe Litton, Julian Robichaux and Craig Schumann then selected 3 finalists to demonstrate their applications to determine top winners.

To learn about the winners, visit this link.

What do Barack Obama and I have in common?

Sunday, February 1st, 2009
A full inbox.

I've only been back from Lotusphere a week and I'm still processing my emails and papers that accumulated in my absence. It seems that for every five I process, two new ones show up.

LotusNotesInboxWith603Unread.jpgFor me, this is a good problem to have, as most are inquiries following up about my Lotusphere presentation with with David or inquires as to how to purchase our software. Still, it can be a little overwhelming to begin the day with an in-box that looks like this.

But, you probably did not read this blog post to learn that; you are probably reading because of the title of this post. So, what do Eric Mack and Barack Obama have in common?

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