Eric's Goals Bracelet for 2008Last December, I received this engraved Road ID goals bracelet. In 2008, I made great progress on items 1-3. That leaves only 'Buy a Mac' and 'Visit New Zealand.' Perhaps this will be the year for those two.

For now, I've just returned from a very successful Lotusphere 2009, where David Allen and I gave a presentation. I now have 1000 accumulated emails to process (I've already deleted the easy & obvious stuff), several hundred new business cards & leads to deal with, and a list of Lotusphere 2009 blog topics to edit and post.
Link to orginal Teamstudio press release

This evening, eProductivity Principal Architect Ian Armstrong and I were presented with a plaque for our honorable mention at the Teamstudio Spotlight Awards reception at Lotusphere 2009.

Teamstudio CTO Nigel Cheshire with ICA President Eric Mack and eProductivity Principal Architect, Ian Armstrong at the Teamstudio Awards Reception

The honorable mention was for "the remarkable application: eProductivity." I am delighted and we would like to thank Ian for his hard work and the folks at Teamstudio for this recognition.

Teamstudio Spotlight Award honorable mention for the remarkable application: eProductivity

As part of this recognition, the folks at DominoPower will be writing an article about the product. Until then, you can learn more, here.
This evening, David Allen and I presented our best practices session at Lotusphere. It was a lot of fun to copresent with David as our presentation styles are so different. It reminded me of the "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" ads. (Can you guess who would be the PC?)

Last-minute slide review at the Swan hotel before our presentation
Last-minute slide review at the Swan hotel before our presentation

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I’m twittering from Lotusphere 2009

Saturday, January 17th, 2009
We'll see how this works out as a tool for real-time micro-blogging from Lotusphere.

My Twitter ID is EricMack

I've seen the comments from bloggers who are unable to attend this year's Lotusphere conference. I know what it is like to miss out on Lotusphere; it's an amazing event full of opportunities to meet and make friends, learn, and take advantage of the many offers from the vendors in the Product Showcase. I've not been able to attend Lotusphere for the past several years and I am looking forward to this year's event.

For anyone that may be interested, I've decided to extend our eProductivity Lotusphere promotional pricing to everyone -- not just those who can visit us in the Product Showcase. Details here.

Anyway, after a long day of travel, I've arrived at the Dolphin hotel and I expect to start blogging about the conference, soon.
I recently received the assigned reading list for my next graduate course in Knowledge Management. I went ahead and ordered two of the books in advance, thinking I might bring them on the plane with me.

Um. I don't think so...

Two knowledge management books I won't be carrying on my next plane trip...

I think my studies will just have to wait until after Lotusphere.

How to find eProductivity at Lotusphere 2009

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

The eProductivity team will be at Lotusphere. We will be exhibiting in the Product Showcase, at Pedestal #722. I just received the approved signage. So, if you are planning to stop by and say hello - and I hope you do - here's the sign to look for...